HFHCHabitat for Humanity Canada
HFHCHigh Fat, High Cholesterol (diet)
HFHCHealthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership (Portland, OR)
HFHCHeart of Florida Health Center (Ocala, Florida; formerly Community Health Services)
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From the results, it was observed that the HFHC caused significant elevation of the TC level by 202% compared with the NC group.
The consumption of the HFHC diet significantly reduced antioxidant capacity based on the serum TAS, SOD and GPx, and hepatic OH radical scavenging activity in comparison with the control group (p < 0.
This method was also used to evaluate the redox equilibrium in the rats fed with the HFHC diets.
As shown in Figure 9, the AL and AML groups upregulated the expression of the antioxidant genes in comparison to the HFHC and NC groups.
The present study demonstrated that rats fed a HFHC diet showed approximately 200%, 79%, and 95% higher concentrations of serum TC, LDL, and TG, respectively, and 36% lower HDL compared with rats fed a normal rat chow diet (p < 0.
HFHC diet caused a significant increase in cholesterol content in feces (p < 0.
5, HFHC diet induced significant decrease in HMGR mRNA and protein expression (p < 0.
6, jatrorrhizine obviously and dose-dependently raised the mRNA expression of LDLR, which was almost 3-fold higher than that of HFHC group (p < 0.
7, jatrorrhizine can improve expression of mRNA and protein level of CYP7A1, compared with HFHC group.
As shown in Table 5, jatrorrhizine with the high dosage significantly lowered the level TC, TG and LDL-c by 20%, 43%, and 19%, respectively and increased HDL-c by 25%, compared to HFHC group.