HFHCHabitat for Humanity Canada
HFHCHigh Fat, High Cholesterol (diet)
HFHCHealthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership (Portland, OR)
HFHCHeart of Florida Health Center (Ocala, Florida; formerly Community Health Services)
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Lifestyle interventions can significantly revert changes induced by an HFHC diet, which was supported by the findings of this study; however, adopting these changes successfully can be challenging for many.
All animals were allowed to acclimatize for one week on the normal diet and then were randomly divided into five groups (n = 10 each group): control group was fed with a normal chow diet, model group received a HFHC diet, and intervention groups were given a HFHC diet and at the mean time given orally linarin enriched extract (Lin-extract) at the dose of 15 mg/kg, 30 mg/kg, and 60 mg/kg, respectively.
As shown in Table 2, HFHC diet induced markedly increase of the serum levels of TC and LDL-c and decreased the HDL-c levels.
High-fat high-cholesterol (HFHC) diet-fed rats in model group had higher liver index than those in control group (5.6% [+ or -] 0.082 in model group versus 3.6% [+ or -] 0.084 in control group, p < 0.01); Lin-extract decreased liver index in all three intervention groups as compared with model group, although significance existed only in middle dose group (p < 0.05) (Figure 1(b)).
nutans Extracts Slowed the Rate of Weight Gain Induced by HFHC Diet.
From the results, it was observed that the HFHC caused significant elevation of the TC level by 202% compared with the NC group.
Except for the normal control, Syrian golden hamsters were feed by high-fat and high-cholesterol (HFHC) diet (10% lard, 10% egg yolk powder and 1% cholesterol) for 4 weeks to induce hyperlipidemic animals (Kong et al.
As shown in Table 5, the HFHC diet exhibited significant increase in TC (83%), TG (157%), LDL-c (33%) of Syrian golden hamsters and slight decrease in HDL-c, compared with those in the normal control group.
The facilities eligible for the awards have taken the HCWH Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge, or met minimum eligibility requirements, and completed the HFHC Survey, from which facilities and individuals who meet the individual award criteria are chosen.
HCWH's Healthy Food in Health Care (HFHC) Program works with hospitals across the country to help improve the sustainability of their food services.
HFHC is in the process of coming to mutual agreements to begin building in both Metis and First Nation communities in Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg.
* Findings of the study supported that lifestyle interventions can significantly revert changes induced by a HFHC diet.