HFHEHoly Family Home Educators (Indianapolis, IN)
HFHEHabitat for Humanity Ethiopia
HFHEHabitat for Humanity Egypt (est. 1989)
HFHEHavasu Foundation for Higher Education (Lake Havasu City, AZ)
HFHEHealthy Families, Healthy Environment (educational campaign)
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Linear anisotropies can be also included in the HFHE formulation, and these can be considered in the second terms of (4b).
Figure 4 presents the comparison between the full-vectorial calculation by the FEM and the HFHE for those propagating modes that are most affected.
As can be observed in Figure 4, the FEM method does not report birefringence for this mode, and the predicted effective refractive index remains on the calculated values for the x-component in the HFHE method.
In order to test the validity of the proposed approach, the effective refractive index by using the HFHE method is calculated for a nonlinear waveguide with the same parameters reported in [20], where an iterative method was used for finding the effective propagation constant based on the input power.
A simple extension of the definition for [gamma] in [18] can be achieved based on the HFHE method, in which the distortions on spatial distribution can be included in the calculation of the optical power carried by the perturbed mode and consequently in the nonlinear parameter evaluation.
In the field, a large amount of gas will be released from the borehole in a very short time due to the HFHE technique.
Therefore, the gas stored in the coal seam decreases only about 2.5% for case A and 22.5% for case B after drainage of 100 d, indicating that the HFHE technique can significantly improve the drainage efficiency.
Though the coal permeability can increase by hundreds or thousands of times through the HFHE technique, the permeability-enhanced area is still limited.
Based on the analysis of geomechanical characterization of the HFHE technique, a permeability model for describing the stress redistribution and gas-coal interaction-induced permeability evolution has been proposed.
The home ownership partnership between MCHC, CMHC and HFHE allows low income Metis families the opportunity to realize home ownership.
Skyrider developments will build three of the four duplexes for the Metis settlement, who in turn will donate them to HFHE. The fourth duplex will be built by HFHE, and will hold eight Metis families that meet the eligibility criteria with mortgage payments re-invested in constructing more homes for Metis families.
This is a partnership that HFHE and CMHC would be interested in carrying on to other Aboriginal communities.