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We believe the rates, plans, special promotions, and service provided by TD will prove to be invaluable to HFIA members.
We needed to refocus and be sure our image matched the services we are providing," said Julian Doerr Mutter, HFIA board chairman.
Congress introduced the HFIA to delay increases in flood insurance premiums required by the Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (BW Act).
We want to encourage our residents, family, friends and community to contact their local senators to vote for the HFIA to keep our premiums at a reasonable rate.
We are happy to support CAI in their call to action and hope others will follow in support of the HFIA.
By getting involved with the HFIA, it brings the retailer back into the process.
The new agreement with the HFIA coincided with another effort by the DMC to turn itself around.
Dallas furniture shows will be managed for the HFIA and the market center by Russell and Barbara "Babs" Blair, former general managers of the successful semi-annual Tupelo Furniture Market.
The market center released some findings of a survey answered by 229 HFIA members who indicated strong support for a Southwestern market.
Retailers are being asked to sign covenants with the HFIA and DMC that they will attend the new market.
18) We used the HFIAS to assess each child's household food security.
The HFIAS was used to assess access to food among households of our patients, 37% of whom came from severely food-insecure households.