HFIASHousehold Food Insecurity Access Scale (risk measurement method)
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From the HFIAS tool, 9 questions, consisting of 3 domains (categories) were included in the household questionnaire as was recently applied by Kabunga et al.
One-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and post ANOVA were used to determine the variation in agricultural production among different communities and variations in HFIAS and CSI among the four sub-counties.
Multiple linear regression was used to establish determinants that significantly predicted HFIAS. The regression was run with HFIAS score as a dependent variable and factors that were suspected to affect food security as predicting variables.
For Moroto district, only sorghum production significantly correlated with the HFIAS, while in Kotido district, both sorghum and goat production were significantly correlated with the HFIAS.
The HFIAS scale measurement revealed that 70.4% of the households faced food insecurity, which was higher than findings reported from Tigray (42.7%) and Amhara (43.8%) [29, 30].
Bilinsky, Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS) for Measurement of Household Food Access: Indicator Guide (v.
Therefore the first encounter was amended to include haemoglobin testing, administration of the HFIAS survey and, if possible, stool collection; patients were also given travel reimbursement in advance.
(18) We used the HFIAS to assess each child's household food security.
The HFIAS was used to assess access to food among households of our patients, 37% of whom came from severely food-insecure households.
Household food insecurity status was measured using FANTA HFIAS tool which consists of nine occurrence questions that represent a generally increasing level of severity of food insecurity (access) and nine "frequency-of-occurrence" questions that are asked as a follow-up to each occurrence question to determine how often the condition occurred one month preceding the survey.
Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS) tool, which was developed by food and nutrition technical assistant (FANTA) project, was used to identify household food insecurity status of the area.