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HFIPHexafluoroisopropanol (solvent)
HFIPHigh Frequency Internet Protocol
HFIPHoubara Foundation International Pakistan
HFIPHuman Factors Integration Plan (systems engineering)
HFIPHigh Frequency Improvement Program
HFIPHauler Financial Incentive Payment (Dakota County, MN)
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g] are the dried weight of initial sample and its remaining gel after immersed in HFIP (17).
These changes indicate changes in hydrogen bonding due to the dissolution of chitin in HFIP.
Previously, PG chitin, dissolved in HFIP (8) was electrospun into fine, cylindrical, continuous, bead-free, randomly oriented fibrous mats [Refer Appendix for Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) on bulk and electrospun chitin].
Since chitin is only ~65% (21) soluble in HFIP, the solution was filtered to avoid diffraction peaks from undissolved bulk material.
3] and HFIP at different ratios (90:10, 80:20, and 70:30 v/v).
Another factor contributing to the formation of thicker PS fibers could be the fact that PS is only partially miscible with HFIP, which is based on the observation that 12 wt% PS and 25/75 solutions were opalescent and had an emulsion aspect.
3]: HFIP is a complicated system with nonlinear behavior and that the interactions between the polymers and the solvents can change the interaction between the two solvents (24).
9]-tetrahydrocannabinol; 11-OH-THC, 11-hydroxy-THC; THCCOOH, 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC; CBD, cannabidiol; CBN, cannabinol; LOQ, limit of quantification; 2D, 2-dimensional; BSTFA, N,O-bis(trimethylsilyl)trifluoroacetamide; TFAA, trifluoroacetic anhydride; HFIP, hexafluoroisopropanol.