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HFIRHigh Flux Isotope Reactor (at ORNI)
HFIRHomology-Facilitated Illegitimate Recombination (genetics)
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ORNL's team had two years to prepare facilities; undergo an extensive readiness review process; design, fabricate and install remotely operated equipment for the chemical separation and purification process; design targets for use in HFIR; develop the necessary processing chemistry; and demonstrate that the final product would meet Bayer's specifications and regulatory standards.
Ellis, "Comparison of calculated and measured neutron fluence in fuel/cladding irradiation experiments in HFIR," Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, vol.
The neutron CT component of the work was conducted at the CG-1D beamline of the HFIR at Oak Ridge National Laboratory [26].
This approach dramatically increases the target density and thus the loading and [sup.188]W production capability per target, and about 5 g of these discs (8-10/target) can be loaded into one HFIR hydraulic tube target assembly.
HFIR's cold source will complement the capabilities of the recently completed Spallation Neutron Source (SNS), the world's premier neutron science facility.
Phase one, starting in 2007, will use an un-polarized continuous cold neutron beam from HFIR. In this phase, the correlations a and b will be measured.
I estimate a statistical relative standard uncertainty of a few [10.sup.-3] could be obtained in a [10.sup.6] s to [10.sup.7] s run at HFIR or NIST.
When this upgrade is complete HFIR will be comparable to the most intense continuous source of cold neutrons in the world.