HFL1Human fetal lung fibroblasts
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The reporter assay showed that haplotype allele A-G-A8T12-C carrying the risk allele of rs1800797 had 45-92% increased promoter activity compared with G-G-A10T11-G in HFL1, HEK293, and HBEC2 cell lines (p-values < 0.00062; Figure 2).
We demonstrated that IL-22R1 mRNA was expressed in both human and murine lung tissue, and IL-22R1 was expressed only in alveolar epithelial cell line A549 but not in fibroblast cell line HFL1. This result was in agreement with the previous study that IL-22 was found only in primary epithelial cells, but not in alveolar macrophages, monocytes, or neutrophils [15].