HFLSHebrew Free Loan Society (New York, NY)
HFLSHangzhou Foreign Language School (Zhejiang, China)
HFLSHuman Fibroblast-Like Synovial
HFLSHoly Family Lutheran School (Chicago, IL)
HFLSHanford Fire Logistics System
HFLSHeavy Flash Light Simulator (product)
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"Our HFLs provide a cost benefit in improving safety of EMS teams and fall assistance call times.
With the added benefit of detachable stair transport tracks, HFLs by IndeeLift bridge the gap from the ground to the gurney.
When X has only one element, the HFLS A is reduced to <[s.sub.[theta](x)], [h.sub.A](x)>.
If an HFLS A = [<x, [s.sub.[theta](x)], [h.sub.A](x)} | x [member of] X} = {<[x.sub.1], [s.sub.5], {0.4,0.6,0.7}>, {[x.sub.2], [s.sub.6], [0.1, 0.5,0.7}}} is divided into two subsets that contain only one object, respectively, then <[s.sub.5], {0.4,0.6,0.7}> and <[s.sub.6], {0.1,0.5, 0.7}> are HFLNs.
Hind femur lengths (HFL) of thawed crickets were measured to the nearest 0.1 mm with calipers, crickets were dissected to remove all crop contents (which may be equal in mass to their remaining body), and wet crop-empty mass was determined (to 0.1 mg).
Hind femur length (HFL) relates very closely to crop empty mass in cave crickets (Studier et al., 1986; Studier and Lavoie, 1996) and either could be used as a size measure.