HFMCHoly Family Medical Center (est. 1961; Des Plaines, IL)
HFMCHelp Find My Child (online volunteer group)
HFMCHarbor Financial Mortgage Corporation (Austin, TX)
HFMCHellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing (Greece)
HFMCHenry Ford Museum Collection
HFMCHealth Family Medicine Clinic (University of South Florida)
HFMCHistone Fold Motif Containing (genetics)
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Those in the experimental group were encouraged to select an HFMC who influenced the household diet and other health-related behaviors, and the experimental and control group participants did not differ significantly with respect to any baseline variables.
Then, amount of [H.sub.2]S in the shell of the HFMC is supposed insignificant.
2, the amount of C[O.sub.2] has their maximum value at the inlet of the tube and its concentrations reduce along the tube of the HFMC.
However, C[O.sub.2] removal has been achieved in the HFMC, too.
Investigating concentration variation of DIPA along the contactor can assist us to evaluate the necessary amount of the absorbent for achieving the desired efficiency of HFMC. Figure 4 indicates two-dimensional distribution of DIPA concentration in the shell domain.
The IUCD information was disseminated through 150 HFMC trainings (1500 people), refresher training to over 2000 FCHVs, training to 200 teachers, training to 200 peer educators and mobilizing them for various BCC activities.
There were massive comprehensive FP including IUCD-related community mobilization activities implemented around the study sites through HFMC trainings, refresher training to FCHVs, and BCC activities with peer educators, teachers, and community members to increase the awareness within the community about family planning services including IUCD.
HFMC, which has resurrected its commercial property investment arm, has already picked off some new projects while the equity market was in turmoil during the recent banking collapse.
"As institutions are desperate for liquidity, it is the quality end of the property spectrum that gets sold first, so there are great deals to be done," said HFMC director Charlie Walker.