HFMSHemifacial Microsomia (birth disorder)
HFMSHighway Fleet Management System
HFMSHigh Fidelity Mechanical Simulator
HFMSHalton Furniture Makers Society (Canada)
HFMSHigh Frequency Monitoring System
HFMSHigh Frequency Microwave Sounder
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The number of rules exponentially increases as the number of independent variables increases in NHFMs while it increases linearly in HFMs. Supposing that there are m independent variables and each of these variables has v membership functions, then the number of rules equals to [v.sup.m] in NHFMs while there are [(m - 1) * [v.sup.2]] rules in HFMs (6,7,32,33).
The results showed that there was a significant difference (p<0.001) between classification performances of NHFMs and HFMs based on sensitivity (%), specificity (%), accuracy (%) and root mean square error (RMSE) (%).
Comparison results of simulation with three independent (Table 2) and six independent (Table 3) variables showed that the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy rates of NHFMs were higher while RMSE was lower than HFMs in test set.
High-frequency magnetic stimulation (HFMS) was performed using a magnetic stimulator MagPro R100 (Medtronic, Skovlunde, Denmark) equipped with a circular coil (type MC-125; diameter = 130 mm, thickness = 11.3 mm).
To this end, we first applied high-frequency magnetic stimulation (HFMS) to the hippocampal brain slice, removed the magnetic coil, and then started electrophysiological recordings of the Schaffer collateral-CA1 synapse.
Bigatti and colleagues (2002) compared husbands of patients with FMS (HFMS) with husbands of women without disease and found lower health, worse mood, more depressive symptoms, loneliness, and subjective stress among the HFMS than among comparison husbands.
This is often the case for HFMS who often take on many household and family responsibilities after the onset of the wife's condition (Bigatti et al., 2008).
Bosch Automotive recently announced the production of its one hundred-millionth hot-film air-mass meter (HFM) last October at its plant in Germany as its own contribution to curbing CO2 emissions, citing the achievement as a major milestone in the reduction of harmful emissions.
By integrating additional measuring signals into the HFM such as temperature, pressure, or humidity, additional data can be made available for engine management.
Other HFMs have emerged from their roots in ultrafiltration applications (25) to provide for competing designs.
The aforementioned discovery of PAN-PVC HFM membranes altering their structural characteristics due to swelling necessitates a discussion of polymers that are capable of maintaining their structure while absorbing large amounts of water.
The HFM measures engine air intake independent of air temperature and density.