HFPSHay Fever Prevention Society
HFPSHome Fallout Protection Survey
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Each exposure to the HFPS provided the APRN student with 30 minutes of complex case management and a 20-minute debriefing with faculty upon completion.
To determine whether exposure to HFPS cases increased competence of the APRN student to assess and manage complex patients, mean scores were evaluated using a paired t-test at each sampling interval.
6, if the part toughness requirement is >50 in-lbf, then LFPS does not have any true molding window, and HFPS has a molding window covering the upper third of the total area where melt temperature is 425 [degrees] F.
Melt temperature is significantly more important than injection speed with the low viscosity HFPS, but the effects are comparable with the moderate viscosity LFPS.
Both groups showed an increase in critical thinking skills; however, there was no statistically significant difference between the HFPS and case study groups.
The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of HFPS and instructor-written case studies on the development of critical thinking skills of associate degree nursing students enrolled in a health assessment course.
Nehring and Lashley (2004) confirmed the increased use of HFPS through a survey of nursing programs in 18 universities and 16 community colleges.
Recent attempts to determine the impact of the use of HFPS on nursing student performance have been inconclusive.
HFPS provides opportunities for interactive learning that can be used in any nursing course.
But does the evidence support HFPS as an alternative to clinical experience with real patients?
This study was part of a larger pilot study aimed at determining the relationships among students' abilities co prioritize actions, associated cognitions, and the physiologic outcomes of care in HFPS.
The HFPS used in the study was a METI ECS adult model[R].