HFRPHarvard Family Research Project
HFRPHealthy Forest Reserve Program (USDA)
HFRPHousing Finance Resource Programme (South Africa)
HFRPHybrid Fiber Reinforced Plastic
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The HFRP Program is just the latest illustration of why Congress needs to act urgently to rein-in President Obama's abuse of executive authority in immigration policy and block funding for unauthorized actions and programs.
The top and bottom flanges of the HFRP I-girder included multiple layers of CFRP and GFRP," Nguyen, Zatar and Mutsuyoshi write.
Although the HFRP girders may have lower stiffness and strength as compared to conventional bridge girders, the authors say, they can be used with FRP grids/decks to form pedestrian bridges, as appears in the accompanying image.
The authors then studied the behavior of composite girders consisting of pultruded HFRP I-girders, and full length/segmental precast UHPFRC topping slabs.
They studied the composite behavior of the HFRP I-beam and ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) topping slab, noting "UHPFRC has high ductility in both tension and compression due to the crack-bridging effect of the high strength steel fibers included in UHPFRC.
It is expected that the new composite beam system will increase beam stiffness, prevent buckling and delamination in the HFRP compressive flange, and more effectively utilize the high tensile strength of CFRP in the HFRP tension flange," observe Nguyen, Mutsuyoshi and Zatar.
The bolt shear connectors and epoxy were used to resist the horizontal shear flow at the interface between the HFRP I-beam and the UHPFRC slab.
Owners of forest land in select areas of the twelve counties listed above are eligible to enroll in HFRP.
Applications for the HFRP program will be accepted on a continuous basis until funding is exhausted.