HFRPHarvard Family Research Project
HFRPHealthy Forest Reserve Program (USDA)
HFRPHousing Finance Resource Programme (South Africa)
HFRPHybrid Fiber Reinforced Plastic
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Composite crossings of hybrid fiber reinforced polymer (HFRP) I-girders topped with precast ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) slabs offer promise for accelerated bridge construction, say Dr.
In a previous project, the authors developed HFRP I-girders for bridge applications in which the use of CFRP and GFRP in a girder section with a specific ratio of flange to web width was optimized.
"The top and bottom flanges of the HFRP I-girder included multiple layers of CFRP and GFRP," Nguyen, Zatar and Mutsuyoshi write.
Although the HFRP girders may have lower stiffness and strength as compared to conventional bridge girders, the authors say, they can be used with FRP grids/decks to form pedestrian bridges, as appears in the accompanying image.
Welding technology was used for the junctions of aluminum profiles and HFRP/GFRP tubes for which the stresses are relatively small, whereas a flange joint was used for HFRP tubes with male jugs or female jaws, for which the stresses are much larger.
In this section, the numerical results under the two different loading conditions are presented and compared to obtain the dissimilarities of the structural performance, including the vertical and horizontal displacement at the midspan of the lower chord member, the deformation of the HFRP lower chord member, and the stress state of FRP trussed members and the connectors.
Figure 9 shows the horizontal deformed shape of the HFRP lower chord members at various off-axis loading levels.
For instance, family responsibilities were identified as a barrier for some urban students (Borden et al., 2005; Grossman et al., 2002; HFRP, 2004; Lauver, 2002; Sanderson & Richards, 2010); however, the item "I have to care for family members after school" received no general agreement among the students.
Barriers regarding a lack of transportation and need to care for family members echoed the findings from other educational studies (HFRP, 2004; Sanderson & Richards, 2010; Simpkins, Davis-Kean, & Eccles, 2005; US Department of Education, 2003).
"In the HFRP beam, these flanges are fabricated using a combination of CFRP and GFRP layers.
This makes the HFRP design useful in severe corrosive environments or where lightweight rapid construction is required, say Nguyen, Mutsuyoshi and Zatar.
They studied the composite behavior of the HFRP I-beam and ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) topping slab, noting "UHPFRC has high ductility in both tension and compression due to the crack-bridging effect of the high strength steel fibers included in UHPFRC.