HFRSHemorrhagic Fever With Renal Syndrome
HFRSHampshire Fire and Rescue Service (UK)
HFRSHumberside Fire and Rescue Service (UK)
HFRSHoly Family Regional School (Rochester, Michigan)
HFRSHigh-Float, Rapid-Setting (emulsion)
HFRSHertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service (UK)
HFRSHouston Farm Riding School (UK)
HFRSHospital Fears Rating Scale
HFRSHigh Flux Radiography System
HFRSHelicopter Flight Rescue Systems (search and rescue)
HFRSHospital Financial Reporting and Support
HFRSHeated Fuel Return System (engineering)
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OTM: 31 entries, av 118.06; 638kg Lim x to PS950 (149); 620kg Lim x to PS811 (130); 742kg 48-72m Sal x to PS1,023 (138), av 119.33 (PS868.91); 778kg Lim x to PS964 (124); 654kg U48m BB hfrs to PS843.66 (129), av 116.37 (PS635.81); 585kg WB x hfrs to PS842.40 (144).
BB hfrs 1180, 1100, 1070 Annstead, 990, 970 Low Town, Limousin hfrs 1100, 1010, 1000 (2) Howick Seahouses, 1080, 1055, 1000 Annstead, 1060 Intake, 905, 880 (2) The Lee, 890, 880 South Barlow, 870 Glanton Town, Char hfrs 1000, 990 Howick Seahouses, Angus hfrs 820 North Lyham.
Consequently, it is counterintuitive to expect that the scant number of SEOV-induced HFRS cases reported so far in Western countries reflects the actual situation, in stark contrast to the many SEOV cases documented in Asia, particularly in South Korea and China, both registering >90% of all hantavirus cases worldwide, of which [greater than or equal to] 25% are caused by SEOV (3,5).
24m Lim strs to PS1,245; 23m Blonde strs to PS1,220; 24m BB strs to PS1,200; 23m Sim strs to PS1,180; 21m Hfd strs to PS1,010; 24m Hols/Fries strs to PS970; 16m Char strs to PS960; 22m Lim hfrs PS1,175; 21m Blonde hfrs to PS1,080; 23m BB hfrs to PS1,025; 24m Sim hfrs to PS1,000; 19m Char hfrs to PS990; 22m BSH hfrs to PS980; 22m Hfd hfrs to PS970.
Decreased PLT count was shown to precede acute kidney failure in patients with Puumala virus infections [10], and PLT count was an independent predictor of severe HFRS [11] and critically ill patients in intensive care unit (ICU) [12].
Regarding the role of APN in promoting revascularisation and immunomodulation, we hypothesised that APN is involved in the pathogenesis of HFRS. Du et al.
Since the patient presented with fever and acute kidney injury, and was previously exposed to rats which may transmit HFRS, indicating the diagnosis of HFRS was considered.
"One thing is very clear, though: There is no across-the-board, drop-in replacement for HFRs. It is very application-specific and companies must still do considerable work to determine the best solutions for their individual applications and market needs."
Their HFRS specific IgM and IgG antibodies and hepatitis virus infection indicators were all negative.
Cows & calves Lim hfrs pounds 940-pounds 1,380; BB cows & calves pounds 900-pounds 1,480; Char cows & calves to pounds 1,090; AA cows & calves to pounds 940.
OBJECTIVE: We examined the potential impact of climate variability on HFRS transmission and developed climate-based forecasting models for HFRS in northeastern China.
7yo Sim cows + 3m Lim hfrs to PS1,540; 7yo Lim cows + 3m Lim hfrs to PS1,340; 5yo Lim cows + 3m Lim hfrs to PS1,320; 5yo Lim cows + 3m Lim bulls to PS1,260.