HFSEHigh Field Strength Elements (chemistry)
HFSEHigh Field Strength Element
HFSEHigh Frequency Somatic Embryogenesis
HFSEHigh Frequency Seismic Element
HFSEHeart Failure Screening Echo
HFSEHigh Frequency Somatic Embryos
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Recent studies showed that Cl-rich hydrothermal liquids are enriched in LREE, and the Hf/Sm, Nb/La, and Th/La ratios are less than 1 while the F-rich hydrothermal liquids are simultaneously enriched in LREE and HFSE with the Hf/Sm, Nb/La, and Th/La ratios generally larger than 1 (Oreskes and Einaudi, 1990; Bi et al., 2004; Mao et al., 2006).
and Anoshin, G.N.: 2008, Analysis of geologic reference materials for REE and HFSE by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).
Blamey, "Fluid evolution in the Strange Lake granitic pluton, Canada: Implications for HFSE mobilisation," Chemical Geology, vol.
In 2015, the RNHR was made up of 233 hospital-based Epidemiological Surveillance units distributed across the country, including the HFSE (17,18).
Table 1--Demographic, clinical and ART characteristics for 214 pregnant women included in this study from HGNI and HFSE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The same is true for the Nb-anomaly as well as for ratios of large-ion lithophile elements (LILE) to light rare earth elements (LREE) and LILE to high-field strength elements (HFSE) (see [38] for the importance of these ratios for subduction processes).
The discussion on Internet Communication and the Ethical Implications of the Human Flesh Search Engine (HFSE) probably started in China in 2008 when a deadly earthquake struck Sichuan province and left many people missing.
Although clay adsorption of these elements will play a role, much of the HFSE content of natural continental desert [PM.sub.10] is contained within tiny nuggets of phosphates and Ti-oxides, and these have the potential to be extremely long-lived and recyclable (e.g.
Thus geochemical/ petrological investigations of komatiites have been based upon elements that are considered to be less mobile, including Al, Ti, high-field-strength elements (HFSE) and rare-earth elements (REE).
The Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo (HFSE) will celebrate its 20th Annual Conference & Expo on October 24, 2007, at the Navy Pier in Chicago.