HFTSHSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) Fixed Term Series
HFTSHelicopter Flight Training Services GmbH (simulations; Germany)
HFTSHigh-Frequency Tetanic Stimulation
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Due to the cost implications for large battery requirements, the challenge for the electrification HFTs is to reduce battery needs through the supply of electricity to vehicles while in motion.
In a recent interview with BusinessMirror, Fernandez recalled that one of the difficulties or challenges faced by HFTS during its first year was the handling of multiple cases of animal abuse, neglect and abandonment, which required immediate attention in terms of rescuing, medication, recovery and rehabilitation, even adoption.
In other words, HFTs had themselves positioned even before an announcement was made.
There has been much controversy around High-Frequency Trading (HFT), ever since its rise in popularity due to technological breakthroughs in the 2000s.
HFTs to foresee the effects of the HFT's conduct on the market or
(23) It is tempting to dismiss the concerns of cattle producers about HFTs as just another example of the anti-speculation cycle.
High-frequency trading: I have been a pretty robust critic of HFT, based on the premise that trading is a zero-sum game.
2013) (unpublished manuscript) http://www.nanex.net/aqck2/4136/exploratorytrading.pdf (noting the capacity of HFTs to anticipate orders and detect future demand and explaining the strategies used).
Recent literature on HFT argues that the HFTs "stuff" the various trading gateways to derive a comparative trading advantage (Gai et al., 2012; Egginton, Van Ness, and Van Ness, 2014).
The book uncovered questionable trading methods of HFTs and shined a harsh light on stock exchanges, which allowed certain traders an edge and were providing kickbacks to brokers.