HFUHoly Family University (Philadelphia, PA)
HFUHochschule Furtwangen University (University of the city Furtwangen, Germany)
HFUHeat Flow Unit
HFUHöhere Fachschule Uster (Switzerland)
HFUHand-Foot-Uterus syndrome
HFUHeater Firing Unit
HFUHelp For the Underprivileged (Finnish charity organization)
HFUHockey Fans United (Germany)
HFUHarden the Flip Up (polite form)
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We demonstrate that the value of using these attributes is useful in mapping the HFUs in the Persian Gulf Kangan and Dalan supergiant gas reservoirs.
HFUs are defined as correlatable and mappahle zones within a reservoir that control fluid flow.
To estimate core-derived HFUs from 3D seismic attributes, which is the main objective of this study, the FZI data are calculated for 4 cored wells in one of the Persian Gulf hydrocarbon fields using the available porosity and permeability data.
The results of a multi-regression analysis for predicting HFUs are shown in Table 2.
Design of a probabilistic neural network for the estimation of HFUs
The objective of our study was to develop a quantitative approach for HFU wound analysis that did not require the user to have prior knowledge in interpreting the results.
We then monitored the same region over 21 days (measurements taken on days 3, 7, 14, and 21 after pressure sore generation) by using a 20 MHz B-mode HFU scanner (DUB_USB taberna pro medicum; Luneburg, Germany) in a controlled environment.
Figure 1 illustrates HFU scans obtained from one animal.
In HFU images, the distribution of echoes generates image texture.
In the present study, t takes the values of 3, 7, 14, and 21 (the days that we monitored the tissue with the HFU scanner).
The echogenicity of regions in an HFU scan indicates the amount of acoustic energy reflected by the corresponding tissue regions.
Our technique assigned values to the healing function from HFU scans of the suspicious regions.