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HFVHamburger Fußball Verband (German: Hamburg Football Soccer Association)
HFVHigh Frequency Ventilation (respiration)
HFVHuman Foamy Virus
HFVHypothetical Future Value
HFVHemorrhagic Fever Virus (infection)
HFVHedge Fund Ventures
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HFV: In one of his most quoted books, La Mediterranee et le monde Mediterraneen a l'epoque de Philippe II, Braudel made use of the three durations he mentioned in 1958 (the long term, the conjunctural and that of the events).
Currently, most studies on HFV control did not take the actuator fault into consideration.
The antibacterial activities of the eight organic extracts (HAN, MAN, HFN, MFN, HAV, MAV, HFV, and MFV) of Citrus sinensis (L.
* Screen all pregnant women and individuals ages 15 to 65 for human immunodeficiency virus (HFV) infection.
So I think we're going to develop out where we're not just selling HFV policies, but partners are going to want to support Prudential by buying a regular term policy.
The second set of analyses examined the relationship between the percentage coverage of the speaking sample texts by vocabulary frequency estimates of HFV, MFV, and LFV and rater judgements of CELPIP levels of performance.
However, in the most recent of these reviews, only 20% of 40 infants with MAS requiring positive pressure assistance needed 'innovative ventilatory support' (defined as the use of high-frequency ventilation (HFV), inhaled nitric oxide or surfactant) and no infants died or required extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.
Male circumcision for prevention of heterosexual acquisition of HfV in men.
MCS' interest in Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever virus (HFV) infections stems from their high mortality rates.
hfv" Last month, Fine Gael Senator Terry Brennan used his slot in Order of Business to slam the grass cutting at Leinster House saying it is "absolutely appalling for our Parliament".
Subsurface waters Salix, Phragmites, Aired HFV with BTEX and Scirpus, Juncus, diesel Cornus Waster waters Phragmites HFV contaminated with australis benzene AR effluent of a Phragmites HFS, HFSS primary treatment australis and and gravel with PAHs and Arudo donax filter equilbenzene Subsurfacewaters Phragmites HFHSS contaminated with australis benzene and MTBE Runoff waters with Phragmites HFV hydrocarbons from australis vehicle exhaust pipesand heavy metals Subsurface waters Phragmites HF (1); HFSS contaminated with australis.