HFWGHedge Fund Working Group (UK)
HFWGHigh Fusing White Gold (solder)
HFWGHigh Energy Astrophysics Science Archival Research Center FITS Working Group (US NASA)
HFWGHinckley Field Walking Group (UK)
HFWGHallaton Field Work Group (archeology; UK)
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Then the hesitant fuzzy elements of three groups of hesitant fuzzy sets will be aggregated, respectively, by HFWA or HFWG operators, which is shown as in Definitions 2 and 3.
Then the HFWG is called a hesitant fuzzy weighted geometric (HFWG) operator, where w = [([w.
Because of the correspondence among Ex, En, He in the order, the HFOWA and HFOWG operators which firstly sort the hesitant fuzzy elements are not applicable so that the HFWA and HFWG operators are chosen to aggregate them as shown in Definitions 2 and 3.