HGAASHydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
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The limit of detection of 1 ng [+ or -] < 5% for each of the four As species was determined using hydride generation-atomic absorption spectrometry (HGAAS).
Nine results were reported for selenium from eight laboratories using four different analytical methods: electrothermal vaporization atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS), fluorimetry, instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA), and HGAAS. One result was rejected by a Grubbs test, and those remaining were used for certification.
[3] Nonstandard abbreviations: MMA, methylarsonic acid; DMA, dimethylarsinic acid; AB, arsenobetaine; HGAAS, hydride generation-atomic absorption spectrometry; ICPMS, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry; CRM, Certified Reference Material; NIES, National Institute for Environmental Studies; ICP-AES, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry; RSD, relative standard deviation; MIP-MS, microwave-induced plasma mass spectrometry; ETAAS, electrothermal vaporization atomic absorption spectrometry; INAA, instrumental neutron activation analysis; and ID, isotope dilution.
Lab Analytical ID Sample pretreatment n method Remarks 01 Pressurized HN[O.sub.3] 24 ICPMS Matrix matching, digestion Y as internal standard HN[O.sub.3]/HCl[O.sub.4]/ 4 ICP-HRMS (a) As(V) standard [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] addition digestion HN[O.sub.3]/HCl[O.sub.4]/ 4 MIP-MS As(V) standard [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] addition digestion 02 HN[O.sub.3]/HCl[O.sub.4]/ 6 ETAAS [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] digestion, solvent extraction, solid-phase back extraction 03 HN[O.sub.3]/HCl[O.sub.4]/ 6 HGAAS [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] digestion 05 Reconstitution and 12 INAA re-freeze-drying an aliquot 10 HN[O.sub.3]/HCl[O.sub.4]/ 5 HGAAS [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] digestion (a) HRMS, high-resolution mass spectrometry.
Two peaks of As-containing compounds were detected by HGAAS in the different fractions (Fig.
The As distribution over the different fractions containing proteins was measured by HGAAS. Almost all the As molecules were distributed over the fractions containing transferrin (peaks 4 and 5).
The detection limits (DLs) of the HGAAS were 1 and 3 [micro]g/L in the water and urine samples, respectively.