HGAFSHydride Generation Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
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Figure 3 shows chromatograms from the HPLC/ HGAFS analysis of a urine sample (top) and the urine sample supplemented with 10 [micro]g/L each of the four target arsenic species (bottom).
4 shows chromatograms obtained from replicate HPLC/ HGAFS analyses of urine SRM 2670 (both normal concentration and increased concentration of arsenic).
First, the ion pair chromatography used in the HPLC/ HGAFS technique is able to resolve arsenobetaine from arsenite [23, 24, 40].
Figure 6 shows chromatograms obtained from HPLC/ HGAFS analyses of a yakinori extract (a) and two urine samples collected from volunteer one (34-year-old man) 29 h after (b) and 15 h before (c) the consumption of yakinori, respectively.
However, they are arsenic-containing compounds because the ICPMS and HGAFS were tuned to selectively detect arsenic.