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HGBHak Guna Bangunan (Indonesian: Right to Build)
HGBHandelsgesetzbuch (German Commercial Code)
HGBHellogoodbye (band)
HGBHall Governing Board
HGBHollywood Guarantee Building (California)
HGBHybrid Genset Battery
HGBHigh Gravity Brewing
HGBHorrible Gelatinous Blob
HGBHorrible Gelatinous Blob (Futurama cartoon)
HGBHeavy Girder Bridge
HGBHot Glue Box
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Anaemia is a disorder characterized by a decline in the concentration of haemoglobin (Hgb) or circulating erythrocytes and a concomitant impairment in the capacity of oxygen transportation (1).
Under the ideal leadership of Samdech Techo HUN SEN, Cambodia has earned full peace and stable politics and today collaboration of Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd., and HGB Trading indicated the fact of current situation in Cambodia.
Despite the black-box warning, there seemed to be some lingering hesitancy to completely eliminate an Hgb "target" even with evolving evidence that showed no consistent benefit to achieving a specific Hgb level.
Affected miscellaneous industrial adhesive application processes would be required to comply with the proposed rules beginning March 1, 2013 in the DFW and HGB areas.
Visible hemolysis begins at around 0.5 g/L of HGB and is evident above 1.3 g/L (5).
Data from the Women's Health and Aging Study were used to evaluate the clinical appropriateness of the WHO anemia criteria by investigating the relationship between HGB concentration and mobility function in female participants age [greater than or equal to] 65.
(a) increase dosage by one increment and check Hgb two weeks after the last dose
As a group, the HGA lines had a SKCS hardness mean of 51.9 and a PSI mean of 13.4% (Table 2), while the HGB lines had a softer endosperm texture with a SKCS hardness mean of 29.0 and a PSI mean of 15.4% (Table 2).
Table 1 presents the descriptive statistics of monthly returns for HYB, HGB, LGB, and the spread from 1926 to 1993.
Of 89 volunteers, 29 with the following conditions were excluded: receiving blood or blood components, hemorrhage, on dialysis, pregnant, diagnosed eating disorder, and on any medication that alters the albumin or white blood count, hematocrit (Hct) and hemoglobin (Hgb).