HGBAHispanic Graduate Business Association (Texas)
HGBAHopkins Girls Basketball Association (Minnetonka, MN)
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The treatment with diet HGBA promoted a lower weight gain (difference [greater than or equal to]2g; 7.65%) in relation to the other treatments.
In the group fed with HGBA diet, the negative effect of diet HG was; however, attenuated by the consumption of barn flour, confirming studies conducted with other almonds (CHOUDHARY et al., 2009).
In total 22 OMPs were identified by MALDI-TOF/MS analysis which includes TbpA, HgbA, PM0336 (HgbB), HasR, IroA, Oma87 (PM1992), HP-KCU-10206, HP AAUPMB 08244, HP AAUPMB 21592, HP AAUPMB 19766, AAUPMB 11295, HmbR, long-chain fatty acid transport protein, 47 kDa protein, PM1069 (OMP P1 precursor protein), TolB, TolC, HexD, CexD, OmpA, PM786 (Omp34), OmpH (39 kDa protein), and glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase.
They are mostly high molecular weights proteins like TbpA, HgbA, HgbB, IroA, HasR, and HmbR.
Similarly, HgbA and TbpA could be the other proteins (70 kda and 125 kDa) found to be immunogenic in western blot analysis.