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Kim et al., "FPA development: from InGaAs, InSb, to HgCdTe," in Infrared Technology and Applications XXXIV, vol.
He is a pioneer in the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) growth and the characterization of HgCdTe, including the first MBE growth at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) of HgCdTe on CdZnTe and on CdTe/Si development, today the leading substrates for its growth.
Compared with Quantum-Well-Infrared Photodetector (QWIP), HgCdTe Focal-Plane Array (FPAs) have the advantages of high detection rate, high response speed, and wide detection band and have been widely applied in aerospace infrared optical remote sensors, scientific satellites, military defense and meteorological observation [1-3].
Wang, "A study on the double insulating layer for HgCdTe MIS structure," Thin Solid Films, vol.
The MWIR and LWIR regions require semiconductors such as indium antimonide (InSb) or mercury cadmium telluride (HgCdTe).
The acronym stands for HgCdTe (mercury-cadmium-telluride) Astronomical Wide Area Infrared Imager.
The major accessory instrument has been the SIRIUS camera, a 3-channel infrared camera with three 1024 x 1024 HgCdTe infrared arrays covering the J, H and K bands.
Sunovia, a Sarasota, Florida-based company, owns a significant equity interest in Illinois-based EPIR Technologies, a global leader in the field of IR sensors and IR imaging that has pioneered the commercialization of CdTe on Si and HgCdTe on Si photovoltaic products.
DARPA's High Operating Temperature Mid-Wave Infrared (HOTMWIR) Program is currently focused on MWIR technologies such as HgCdTe that may operate at -20[degrees]C and eliminate the need for a cryo-cooler.
The HgCdTe system consists of compositions lying between CdTe and HgTe.