HGEDHigh Gain Emissive Display
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The Company has also eliminated a number of administrative and overhead expenses including reductions of administrative staffing in order to focus its capital resources on the commercialization of the HGED flat panel display and Telisar datacasting systems.
Telegen's patented HGED technology is designed to bring clarity, brightness, and cost-effectiveness to flat panel displays.
5" diagonal front view HGED displays by year's end and allow Telegen to move quickly to commercialization of its patented HGED flat panel display.
patents relating to key aspects of the HGED flat panel display technology including advanced driver technologies, improved low voltage light-emitting phosphors, enhanced electron emission systems, display sealing techniques, and low cost manufacturing technologies.
The 7" diagonal HGED display is Telegen's first front-view display prototype.
Telegen has achieved a significant technical breakthrough with our new front-view HGED technology," said Bonnie Crystal, Telegen's Chief Technology Officer.
Telegen is completing final construction of an HGED prototype assembly facility in Foster City, California, which it plans to open in July 2001.
Telegen also announced that it has received its third United States patent on its HGED technology.
Telegen's flat panel business unit will be demonstrating two new HGED flat panel prototypes, a 12" diagonal full color, full motion video flat panel display with VGA resolution and a 14" diagonal full color, full motion video flat panel display with SVGA resolution.
We expect that these agreements will provide Telegen with the manufacturing expertise and technology necessary to begin commercial production of our HGED display products.
This announcement marks a significant step forward toward Telegen's successful reorganization and commercialization of its HGED flat panel and MP3 technologies," said Telegen Corporation President and CEO Jessica L.
Telegen Corporation is located in San Mateo, California, and is developing a proprietary flat panel display technology known as HGED through its subsidiary Telegen Display Laboratories, Inc.