HGIAHuman Geography in Action (book)
HGIAHow German Is American
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31SCC69, 368810 E, 4297753 N, -57 m, 17-V-2004, HGIA 6696; illa Espardell, -10 m, 28-V-2001, HGI-A 5393.
The interactions between iHg and GVHD do not appear to relate to an exacerbation of HgIA. That is, iHg is well known to induce the production anti-nucleolar antibodies, including anti-fibrillarin, and a nucleolar ANA pattern (Mirtcheva et al.
Moreover, HgIA is associated with a nucleolar ANA pattern (Monestier et al.
Because both CD80 and CD86 appear to be required for HgIA (Bagenstose et al.
Importantly, the MHC haplotype of this strain (H-[2.sup.b]) is considered resistant to Hg[Cl.sub.2] since other strains with this haplotype, including the C57BL/6, which was used as the control in this study, are much less susceptible to HgIA than mice of otherwise similar backgrounds expressing s, k, or d haplotypes (8,17,18).
Interestingly, although non-glomerular deposits to the kidney vessel wall are typically seen in HgIA, they were absent in the mercury-exposed male BXSB mice.
HgIA is associated with a Th2-like response characterized by increases predominantly in autoantibodies of the IgG1 subclass (30).
Interestingly, this was the only group that developed vascular deposits of IgG, a finding characteristically observed with HgIA. Mice in the 0.4 and 0.04 [micro]g groups had glomerular changes similar to those in the PBS group (scores of 0.8 and 0.6, respectively).
Although we (19) and others (35) have shown that Hg[Cl.sub.2] exposure can induce systemic autoimmunity in other lupus-prone mice, in each instance the strains tested were susceptible to HgIA by virtue of their H-2 haplotypes alone.
Taken together with the MRL-Fas lpr results, this favors the possibility that Hg[Cl.sub.2] may promote HgIA by inhibiting the Fas-induced cell death of autoreactive cells.