HGIIHudson's Grill International Inc. (restaurant franchise)
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As a result of the binding of HgII to glutathione and the subsequent elimination of intracellular glutathione, levels of GSH are lowered in several specific types of cells on exposure to all forms of mercury.
Isolates of AG-4 have been subdivided into two subgroups (HGI and HGII) on the basis of DNA relatedness.
Within the biogeochemical cycle of the metal, Hg [degrees] can be oxidized in inorganic mercury (HgII) and then methylated by biotic (bacterial methylation) and/or abiotic (humic acids as methyl group donors for example) processes (3).
Prior to bioconcentration and biomagnification in higher trophic levels, atmospherically deposited inorganic divalent mercury (HgII) must be transformed, via anaerobically mediated microbial processes, to (C[H.sub.3][Hg.sup.+]).