HGKHrvatskoj Gospodarskoj Komori (Croatian: Croatian Chamber of Economy)
HGKHolly Grail Kush (cannabis strain)
HGKHong Kong International (airport code)
HGKHuman Glandular Kallikrein (gene)
HGKHarita Genel Komutanligi (Turkish: Komutanligi General Map)
HGKHuman Gingival Keratinocytes (periodontology)
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The HGK analysis is based on international competitiveness and business conditions research, especially the World Bankas Doing Business.
In a very important decision made in 2005 by one of its grand chambers (the Grand Chamber in Civil Law, or Hukuk Genel Kurulu, HGK), the court found an article in the bylaw of a trade union in the education sector as "illegal".
HGK HELSEA to win the Champ 5-1, to do the Treble Didier Drogba to be to in the Premier League 4-1 Freephone: 0800 444040
In the midst of a substantial growth period, HGK Asset Management has expanded and renewed its headquarters lease at 525 Washington Boulevard in Jersey City, announced Matt Seltzer, of Cushman & Wakefield of New Jersey, Inc.
Known in the UK market as the Class 66 locomotive, the JT42CWR is used by the E W & S, and Freightliner Railways, in Sweden by TGOJ Trafik, and in Germany by HGK. GM EMD has already sold almost 300 class 66 locomotives in Europe, representing the largest sustained production of diesel-electric locomotives for Europe in recent times.
75 R Jacquelin (Fra), R Winchester, JM Arruti (Spa), J Mellor, M Pinero (Spa), S Lovey (Ned), B Davis, P Haugsrud (Nor), J Senden (Aus), F Jacobson (Swe), S Torrance, C Hanell (Swe), M Anglert (Swe), H Bjornstad (Nor), J Singh (Ind), D Fung (Hgk), G Morales (Ven), W Riley (Aus)
World Championship (Sheffield) - 1st rd: J Wattana (Tha) bt M Fu (Hgk) 10-8.
Other nations that have developed bomb guidance kits include Turkey, where Tubitak-Sage produces the 'HGK' GPS/INS tail for Mk 84 bombs.
The Cologne City Council, Rheinauhafen-Koeln.de, HGK and Pandion developers were contacted for Rheinauhafen information.
UK CH'SHIP.- (Bournemouth): Selected 1st rnd: M Holt (Eng) bt A McManus (Sco) 9-7, M Couch (Eng) bt J Wattana (Tha) 9-3, M Fu (Hgk) bt G Wilkinson (Eng) 9-4, J Parrott (Eng) bt E Henderson (Sco) 9-8, J Higgins (Sco) bt D Roe (Eng) 9-1, J Swail (N Ire) bt M King (Eng) 9-8, S James (Eng) bt D Morgan (Wal) 9-7, P Davies (Wal) bt P Ebdon (Eng) 9- 4, N Bond (Eng) bt P Lines (Eng) 9-6, G Ponting (Eng) bt T Drago (Malta) 9-8.
In 2009 Turkey's" Tubitak-Sage unveiled its HGK INS/GPS guidance tailkit for Mk 84 bombs.