HGLHp Graphics Language
HGLHappy Go Lucky (band)
HGLHydraulic Grade Line
HGLHydroGeoLogic Inc (Herndon, Virginia)
HGLHot Gas Layer (temperature)
HGLHuman Gastric Lipase
HGLHardcore Gaming League (video game league)
HGLHeat Gain Latent
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This award will allow HGL to provide environmental restoration services within the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division (LRD) and Louisville District mission boundaries.
HGL emissions are the sum of the emissions for the component products
Once the biophysical and salinity characteristics determining an HGL unit are established, land use management and remediation actions are determined (Wooldridge et al.
On histopathology, 144 (65.45%) were benign showing chronic cervicitis, whereas 52 (23.64%) and 24 (10.9%) cases were diagnosed as CIN 1 (LGL) and HGL (CIN 2, CIN 3) respectively (Table 2).
Neil Hampton, general manager of Royal Dornoch Golf Club, who represented HGL, said: "Even the smallest percentage increase in (Chinese) tourism turns into a very large number visiting Scotland.
Energy (EGL) and hydraulic (HGL) grade lines for the steady-state flow velocity 4.02 m/s, corresponding to the Reynolds number of 948'170, are shown in Fig.
The HGL obtained is, thus, a straight line that connects the point (0, [H.sub.0]) with the point [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
He added: " Coupled with such a product, when we are able to offer a viable funding option from HGL, the customer is on a win-win situation.
26 July 2010 - Indian rating agency CRISIL said it assigned a BBB- rating, with a "stable" outlook, to the INR130.3m (USD2.8m/EUR2.2m) cash credit of Howrah Gases Ltd (HGL), part of the MSP group.
The Cap-Mount Tote Mixer consists of a Series HGL (430 RPM) mixer fitted with a bolted-style 316SS bulkhead fitting.
On the heating side, Omega has announced the new RC016 series small semiconductor heaters, the HGL compact fan heater series and the CREX020 series of hazardous area heaters.