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HGNHorizontal Gaze Nystagmus
HGNHome Gambling Network
HGNMae Hong Son, Thailand - Mae Hong Son (Airport Code)
HGNHarligen (Amtrak station code; Harligen, TX)
HGNHeralds of Good News (Catholic missionary society)
HGNHealthy Gay Nottingham (UK)
HGNHildebrand Grid Nebulizer
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SFSTs are administered at the roadside after a traffic stop and comprise: (a) one-leg stand; (b) walk and turn; and (c) horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN).
On the other hand, Lozada (1998, 164) points out that "HGN members were not preserving mythical, pristine Hakka folkways but are inventing new Hakka traditions, in a manner intelligible to the people of today." In various email messages, they used a romanized version of the Hakka language compiled by Jonathan Teoh Eng, based on a Hakka vernacular Bible used by the Bible Society in Taiwan.
All HGN animals began the experiment with similar weights (p = NS), and at the end of the experiment, a significant increase was observed in the F and FOA groups (p <0.0001) when compared to the rest of the groups.
section 19-12-5 (FRE 404(b)); and allowing minimally trained officers to testify about scientific evidence, such as in the HGN context.
Field sobriety tests include such things as asking distracting/interrupting questions and tasks, including: a) Finger to nose; b) Finger count; c) Reciting or writing the alphabet, with signature and time and date; d) Counting backwards from 100; e) The Romberg Balance test; f) Nystagmus ("HGN") eye test; g) One leg stand; h) Line walk; i) Hand Pat; or j) Standing heel to toe.
Its maker claims the test is accurate to within 0.02 per cent of a breathalyser test: the 'HGN' test, tracking horizontal eye movements caused by alcohol, is one that's admissible in court in several American states.
The three tests in the SFST are the one-legged stand, the walk and turn, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN).
words, jerking or bouncing) is known as horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN).
A former international policeman, Smith says that Filipov showed no signs of HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus), which always accompanies alcohol intoxication.
102372, 2010 WL 572082 (Ill Sup Ct) (hereinafter McKown II), the Illinois Supreme Court handed both sides a victory with respect to horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test results in DUI prosecutions.
Instead, the HGN axons that project peripherally to the hindgut are the only cells that exhibit 5-HT-ir in this region.