HGQHigh Gradient Quadrupole
HGQHoch Gebirgs Quintett (German: High Mountain Quintet; Switzerland)
HGQHeadline Goal Questionnaire (EU)
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Of these, [H.sub.1] and HGQ were most abundant, while gossypol was present in the lowest quantity.
In this regard, it is interesting that [C.sub.2] possessed all the heliocides as well as gossypol and HGQ, whereas [H.sub.3] was absent in the [C.sub.1] accession examined.
pulchellum which had 63% of their TAs as HGQ. Brubaker et al.
mustelinum accessions, whereas [H.sub.1] and HGQ predominated in G.
Minor quantities of [H.sub.1], [H.sub.2] and HGQ were also present in T.