HGSCHuman Genome Sequencing Center (Baylor College of Medicine)
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HGSCHubble Guide Star Catalog
HGSCHeavy Gauge Steel Conduit
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9,10) Both BRCA1/2 mutation-positive and sporadic cases of nonuterine HGSC have been shown to be associated with concomitant STIC, with matched pairs of STIC-HGSC harboring identical TP53 mutations.
Findings demonstrated that in the 48 HGSC patients with STIC, IMP3 was positive in 46% of STIC lesions and had a similar positive rate in the invasive components of HGSC.
HGSC (Hour Glass Supply Chain) is an e-supply chain structured like an hour glass, with customers at the top and grassroots suppliers at the bottom, see Figure 5.
120,124,128) A prototypic HGSC is WT1 (+), ARID1A (+), and p53 (+, strong, diffuse).
Exhibit 2 also shows the average annual rates of return during the period January 1980 to December 1990 for each of the market size deciles, the FTA and the HGSC Indexes, as well as a specially constructed All Share Equally Weighted (ASEW) Index.
1) is the assembly produced by the HGSC (human genome sequencing center) at the Baylor College of Medicine.