HGSCHuman Genome Sequencing Center (Baylor College of Medicine)
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"The results suggest that the effects of immunotherapy might be enhanced if given after chemotherapy, potentially improving disease control in patients with advanced HGSC and other cancer types," wrote Dr.
Bohm and associates collected pre- and postchemotherapy biopsies and blood samples from 60 patients with stage IIIC or IV HGSC; 54 patients underwent platinum-based neoadjuvant chemotherapy and 6 received chemotherapy after debulking surgery.
The first version of the genome sequence was released in January 2005 by HGSC. The final version will be released soon, and Beeman says the information it yields should prove to be a gold mine.
The drawbacks of PSC (Pyramid Supply Chains) can be countered by a new type of e-chain--the Hour Glass Supply Chain (HGSC).
HGSC (Hour Glass Supply Chain) is an e-supply chain structured like an hour glass, with customers at the top and grassroots suppliers at the bottom, see Figure 5.
(9,10) Both BRCA1/2 mutation-positive and sporadic cases of nonuterine HGSC have been shown to be associated with concomitant STIC, with matched pairs of STIC-HGSC harboring identical TP53 mutations.
Given the extensive support for tubal origin of HGSC, investigators have recently used advanced technologies to characterize the molecular relationship between STIC and HGSC in detail.
The research aimed to find whether IMP3 has any role in the process of pelvic serous carcinogenesis by investigating its expression in HGSC precursor lesions, as well as explore the relationship between IMP3 and the p53 signature in those precursor lesions, and determine whether IMP3 could serve as a biomarker for early diagnosis.
Exhibit 2 also shows the average annual rates of return during the period January 1980 to December 1990 for each of the market size deciles, the FTA and the HGSC Indexes, as well as a specially constructed All Share Equally Weighted (ASEW) Index.(17) During the period 1980-1990, the ASEW Index outperformed the FTA and HGSC Indexes by an average 3.5% and 5.0% per annum, respectively.
Not uncommonly, high-grade serous carcinoma (HGSC) displays foci of cytoplasmic clearing mimicking ovarian clear cell carcinoma.
It didn''t stop there as Simms Cross B were 7-2 winners at home to St Josephs B - WCC A defeated HGSC 6-3, with strong performances from Gary Carman and Dave Loseby, while USC B were 6-3 victors over St Bedes B.
The current Bos taurus genome construct (2.1) is the assembly produced by the HGSC (human genome sequencing center) at the Baylor College of Medicine.