HGUCHigh Grade Universal Century (Mobile Suit Gundam, models)
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Participants performed better on the specific diagnosis of HGUC with liquid-based preparations (17 529 of 20 495 responses; 85.
Abbreviations: ADC, adenocarcinoma; HGUC, high-grade urothelial carcinoma, SCC, squamous cell carcinoma.
For histologic biopsies on follow-up, 19% of the cases were benign (n = 13), 26% (n = 18) were LGUC, and 54% (n = 37) were HGUC.
There were 37 patients (54%) with HGUC, 8 women (22%) and 29 men (78%), with a median age of 73 years (Table 3).
The first published study (22) using ProEx C in urinary cytology presented quite favorable test characteristics for ProEx C in defining definitive benign and malignant cytologic specimens for predicting both LGUC and HGUC.
22) In particular, by segregating LGUC cases from HGUC cases, as we did in this report, ProEx C displayed a lower sensitivity in detecting LGUC (72%; Table 6) than in detecting HGUC (92%, Table 7), as alluded to in the previous publication.