HGWHoly Grail War
HGWHome Gateway
HGWHorny Goat Weed (herbal mixture)
HGWHerzlichen Glückwunsch
HGWHarry Gregson-Williams (British composer)
HGWHanna Gabriel Wells (architectural firm; San Diego, CA)
HGWHerbert George Wells (British author; 1866-1946)
HGWHorde Gone Wild (World of Warcraft gaming guild on Baelgun Server)
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Summary of the analysis of variance considering both experimental sites for the variables grain yield (GY), hundred-grain weight (HGW), fresh (FM) and dry matter (DM) and contents of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in the plant tissue Source GY HGW FM DM of variation Pr > F RS 0.
For the Middle East version, Waref Hawasli of HGW Media, has not revealed who will be on the cover of the Nov-ember launch issue.
Necesita un chivo expiatorio, pero lo unico que descubre es "el no hacer" del agente HGW XX 177, la libertad de eleccion de un hombre que sabia todo.
As brand director for the popular HGW website, Charity Curley is responsible for all the site's content, articles, packages, and video.
All the core facepapers in the Fasson range are available as the label layers, combined with a multi-purpose permanent adhesive--Vellum Extra, MC Primecoat, Fasson Coat, and HGW Premium--with a choice of backings for the second label layer.
Typical supplements: Emerita, Herbal Viva, Prolab HGW, VasoRect, Vigel, Vixen.
Han SR, Zschausch HC, Meyer HGW, Schneider T, Loos M, Bhakdi S, et al.
This makes Emirates the launch customer for the A340-600 HGW.
11) HGW, First and Last Things [1908], (London: Watts, 1929), 80.
The later model HGW, high-powered, hushkitted and well-maintained aircraft are still in demand.
Medisana USA is introducing a line of health-care products, including the Blood Pressure Computer HGS Perfect, a fully automated wrist-measuring device; the Blood Pressure Computer HGW Perfect, which is also a watch; the Cardiac Monitoring Cardiocheck, which monitors the functioning of the heart by thumb pressure on the machine; an electronic personal scale; and a deluxe model of their massage chair.