HGZHigh Grade Zone
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In contrast, habitual smugglers, organized smugglers, and those transporting a large amount of contraband would be fined and their smuggled goods confiscated (HGZ 2010, 183).
- Buccaneer HGZ Resource for main Buccaneer area includes mineralisation:
(1.) Laboratorio de Biologia Molecular y Virologia, Centro de Investigacion Biomedica de Oriente, IMSS, HGZ No.
The level of the network is given by the absolute gravity station Jesenik and the scale of the network by the scale factors, which were entered to the computation directly as an average from the scale factors obtained from the gravimetric baseline Hochkar (Austria) and from the Main Gravimetric Baseline (HGZ) (Lederer, 2004) for the actual year.
A $7 million underground exploration programme launched by Goldcorp at the beginning of 1995 led to the discovery of a high-grade zone (HGZ) of gold mineralisation.
Note that the typical GaAs PIN diode shows a wide variation in its impedance with frequency even above 1 HGz, whereas the silicon PIN diode exhibits a resistance-frequency characteristic that more closely approximates the ideal.
Seventeen of 44 drillholes targeting the High Grade Zone (HGZ) have returned assay values greater than one ounce per ton gold over variable widths.
Fuente: Laboratorio de Anatomopatologia del HGZ No.
Cable Size Peak 1 HGz 2 HGz (kW) (kW) (kW) 3/8[inches] 15.6 0.663 0.451 1/2[inches] 40.0 0.994 0.673 7/8[inches] 91.0 2.110 1.400 1-1/4[inches] 205.0 3.200 2.130 1-5/8[inches] 315.0 4.220 2.760 2-1/4[inches] 425.0 5.520 3.550
Amex is currently drilling deeper targets at the EGZ with a goal of intersecting the Low Grade Zone(s) as well as the high grade zone (HGZ) with most drill holes.