HHANESHispanic Health And Nutrition Examination Survey
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HHANES was a complex, multistage, stratified description of clustered samples of three U.
HHANES measured acculturation using an abbreviated version of the Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans (ARSMA) (Cuellar, Harris, & Jasso, 1980), which included eight items that assessed language preference and ethnic identification.
Health risk behaviors of Hispanics in the United States: Findings from HHANES, 1982-84.
Utilization of Curanderos by Mexican Americans: Prevalence and predictors findings from HHANES 1982-1984.
Dietary, alcohol, and tobacco intake among Mexican-American women of childbearing age: Results from HHANES data.
Cuban Americans and Puerto Ricans) were available in HHANES but not in NHANES Ill.
About one-half of Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans over the age of 55 have either diabetes or IGT, according to HHANES data.
Since the first two age groups in HHANES and the Puerto Rican survey were so similar, the disparity in diabetes prevalence between mainland and island Puerto Ricans may have begun in the early/mid 1980s.
In 1986, using data from a nationwide study conducted by HHANES, Andersen and associates found that Hispanics in the Southwest had the lowest percentage of health insurance coverage of any racial or ethnic group studied.
Patterns of cigarette smoking among Hispanics in the US: results from the HHANES, 1982-84.
and Ray, L: Health Care Utilization Barriers Among Mexican Americans: Evidence From HHANES 1982-84.
The HHANES consisted of household interviews and physical examinations conducted by a bilingual interviewer in a mobile examination center.