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HHBHeadquarters Battery
HHBHandelshøgskolen I Bodø (Norwegian trade school; est. 1985)
HHBHeadquarters & Headquarters Battery
HHBHeadquarters and Headquarters Battalion
HHBHalf Human Band (band)
HHBHello Honey Bear
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An absolute measure of the oxygen saturation index (TSI, equalling ([O.sub.2]Hb/([O.sub.2]Hb HHb) x 100)) can be calculated from the coefficients of absorption which are derived from the light attenuation slopes at different wavelengths and source-detector distances using the photon diffusion theory [19].
Similarly, in order to analyze the effectiveness of RLS filtering for HHb detection from the frequency domain, the power spectral density of HHb is presented in Figure 6.
A 45-channel NIRS system (FOIRE-3000, Shimadzu Corporation, Japan) was used to measure the relative oxygenation changes of Oxy-Hb, HHb, and total hemoglobin (total-Hb) during the activation task.
Previous research using NIRS in lower limb exercise assessment has demonstrated a similar mono-exponential response in the deoxyhemoglobin (HHb) NIRS signal to that of pulmonary V[O.sub.2] (23).
After the hearing lawyers from the Contemporary Jurists' Association (EcHD) and the People's Law Bureau (HHB) gathered for a demonstration on the steps of the courthouse's C door entrance.
Though you could call 'HHB' a sequel because it has characters in common with 'LWW,' it can also stand alone since the story involves totally new characters in totally new locales and happens after the occurrences in 'LWW.'
Troops from outside the ILARNG came from D Co, 173rd BEB (WI ARNG); D Co,776th BEB (IN ARNG); G2X, HHB, 35th ID (MO ARNG), and HHC, 378th MI BN (USAR).
A 48-channel fNIRS system (OxymonMklII, Artinis Medical Systems B.V., The Netherlands) was used to measure the concentration changes of [O.sub.2]Hb and HHb (expressed in [micro]M) using an age-dependent constant differential path-length factor given by 4.99 + 0.0067 x ([age.sup.0.814]) [28].
I would like to contribute to that effort here by examining the fifth of the seven Chronicles, The Horse and His Boy (hereafter HHB), with a missional lens.
There have been reports of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) application to study testicular hemodynamics in boars[sup.7] and to detect testicular torsion in adults.[sup.8]-[sup.11] NIRS is a non-invasive optical technique that uses light in the near-infrared spectrum to monitor tissue oxygenation and hemodynamics by measuring local changes in the concentration of oxygenated (O[sub.2]Hb), deoxygenated (HHb), total (tHb) hemoglobin and tissue oxygen saturation (TSI%).[sup.12] Recent studies have used NIRS to investigate urologic conditions.[sup.13]-[sup.26]
The ban covers the motor vehicles, principally intended for carrying cargo and having license plates of the following classifications: 'S', 'T', 'TC', 'TH', 'TRLB', 'HHB', and 'TRJ' to include other vehicles such as lorries, vans, tankers or other delivery vehicles, whether loaded or empty, having a gross capacity weight of more than 4,500 kilos."
HHB: I always feel like I have the camera, I have the mics, I have the gear to record.