HHBEHip Hop Banner Exchange (Hip Hop-oriented online advertising network)
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rigor and legitimacy of HHBE. This objective of convincing teachers of
the merit and legitimacy of HHBE was not what teachers wanted or needed.
use HHBE and, more importantly, maximize the academic and socio-cultural
teachers to negotiate the cultural-politics of HHBE with Black students
teaching White teachers how to use HHBE with predominantly White student
HHBE scholarship, namely the dearth of research that problematizes
critical issues of power and pedagogy as they pertain to HHBE's
that stressed the intellectual legitimacy of HHBE and other forms of
students of HHBE, and by extension he shifted his pedagogy to meet the
teaching and learning, it is particularly integral to HHBE because
use of technology in HHBE is paramount, especially for preparing
workshop that modeled more accurately what HHBE could look like in the