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HHDDHybrid Hard Disk Drives
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FMO3 HHDD and hhdd groups exhibited significantly different pharmacokinetic parameters of sulindac.
Therefore, the higher plasma concentration of sulindac was possible to increase the toxicity and side effects in FMO3 hhdd subjects.
The plasma concentration of sulindac was remarkably higher in the individuals carrying FMO3 hhdd allele than that of the individuals with FMO3 HHDD (wild-type) allele.
Caption: Figure 4: The mean plasma concentration-time curves of sulindac (a), sulindac sulfide (b), and sulindac sulfone (c) in FMO3 HHDD homozygotes (n = 8) and FMO3 hhdd homozygotes (n = 7) after a single oral dose of 200 mg sulindac tablets.