HHDLHis Holiness the Dalai Lama
HHDLHierarchical Hardware Description Language
HHDLHeavy High-Density Lipoprotein
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The SPA is conditional only on the written consent of each of the members of HHDL to the sale of shares as envisaged in HHDL's articles of association.
The SPA is conditional on the written consent of each of the members of HHDL to the sale of shares as set out in HHDL's articles of association.
For a total consideration of GBP 630,000, the company has agreed to sell 31 ordinary shares in HHDL, comprising a 3.
HHDL has also reported that feedback from a public consultation process, undertaken in July 2016, and subsequent meetings with local residents' representatives, has been incorporated into the development design and planning application to minimize any potential impacts on the locality.
UKOG will now own a 42% stake in HHDL, which equals a 27.
9% beneficial shareholding in HHDL, which equates to a 32.
Consideration will be settled by a cash payment of GBP 54,498 to be applied to Regency's proportionate share of HHDL cash call 8, and a cash payment of GBP 323,000 to be applied to the subscription of new UKOG shares at the lower of the 30 day volume weighted average price as at the date of completion of the sale and the Relevant Price as at 28 June 2017.
Pursuant to a farmout agreement executed in December 2013, HHDL is the operator of and owns a 65% interest in both the license and the well, and Magellan is carried 100% for its 35% share of the costs of this well, including drilling, testing, and completion costs.
Furthermore, GBP 200,000 of the cash element will be paid directly by Angus to the licence operator, HHDL, to reconcile cash calls for the now completed HH-1 flow test operations.
3m to HHDL, the newly-incorporated special purpose vehicle which rights to purchase a 65% in the Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence 137 (PEDL 137).
HHDL is a special purpose company that owns a 65% participating interest and has the operatorship of licence PEDL 137 and the adjacent licence PEDL 246 in the UK Weald Basin.
Currently, Magellan Petroleum owns 100%, however, HHDL can earn a 65% participating interest and operatorship through the drilling of exploration well Horse Hill-1 by the end of August.