HHEHolistic Health Educator
HHEHitachi Home Electronics
HHEHawthorn Hill Elementary (Missouri)
HHEHealth Hazard Evaluation (NIOSH)
HHEHemiconvulsive Hemiplegic Epilepsy (neurology)
HHEHandheld Engine
HHEHippocrates Health Educator (Hippocrates Health Institute)
HHEHybrid Hall Effect (integrated circuit field effect)
HHEHousehold Effects
HHEHypotonic Hyporesponsive Episode
HHEHuman Health and the Environment
HHEHealth Hazard Evaluation Program
HHEHistoric Hotels of Europe (Austria)
HHEHand Held Equipment
HHEHousehold Expense
HHEHonduran Health Exchange
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The association between consumptive hypothyroidism and infantile HHE was first described in 2000 (5).
Excessive degradation of thyroid hormones due to high expression of D3 by tumor tissue is also supported by the increased concentrations of rT3, the requirement for extremely high doses of thyroid hormone replacement, and improvement of hypothyroidism after liver transplantation or involution of HHE (5, 6, 8, 9).
The rate ofT4 degradation is highest during the proliferative phase of HHE (5).
Consumptive hypothyroidism is a rare but important associated condition in patients with HHE.
The HHE subcommittee declared that the pediatric institution should reflect health for all.
The third HHE recommendation is necessary because the severely obese patient continues to require pediatric care and yet may not always be safely accommodated within a pediatric institution.
2007) use HHE as dependent variable and find a positive relationship with remittances in Mexico.
We contribute to the literature on HHE and remittances in several ways.
In order to study the target effect of remittances on HHE, we require a model that relates the share of expenditures in health (w) to remittances (rem) and total household's expenditure per capita (x), and that simultaneously controls for access to EM/and for migration (mig).
There were no serious adverse events related to the vaccine and no reports of HHE.