HHERHydromorphone Hydrochloride Extended-Release (pharmacology)
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I knew that this was too much for her and it was obvious that deep down she had lost something precious: hHer sense of purpose and her power to dictate and control the agenda.
The staff of the Heart Healthy and Ethnically Relevant (HHER) Tools Project developed an Educational Materials Inventory form to extract from the materials any relevant information such as title, source, target behavior (i.e., diet or PA), CVD risk factor (e.g., hypertension, hypercholestoremia, obesity, and diabetes), target audience, cost and availability.
Below, lining up to start are eight-year-old Faith Stallard and hher mum Samantha Stallard (centre), from Wellesbourne.
In England prisoners are detained "at Her Majesty's pleasure" and are therefore often ironically termed "guests of Her Majesty." After his years in Reading Gaol, during which he was witness to the flogging of a mentally deficient inmate and the dismissal of a warder who showed kindness to a child locked up for a poaching rabbits, Oscar Wilde observed, "If this is how hHer Majesty treats them, then she doesn't deserve to have any prisoners." I could not find this biting comment in Richard Ellmann's voluminous new biography of Wilde, nor could I detect this aspect of Wilde from any of the book's flattering reviews, most of which have represented him as a sort of sumptuous fop, possessed of a dangerous vanity, whose tale may be told as an example of hubris.
She made s me a f l remark ab hi some awful remarks about him, m, hi h h b I i h which hurt, but I went against hher i h di d hi i is wishes and married him.
HHer notorious Tory MP dad could give her some tips on not putting your foot in it.
In 2000, the New York HSEES conducted a one-year pilot project, called the Hospital Hazmat Emergency Response Surveillance (HHERS), to assess hospital emergency department responses in handling contaminated patients and the impact of the incidents on hospital emergency department operations.