HHETHealth Horizons of East Texas, Inc.
HHETHand-Held Electrical Tool
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(parah 'cow' as 'fruitful' may seem similarly bizarre, but the derivation, via par 'bull' from parah 'be fruitful' is clear on the level of roots.) nahhash 'snake' also fits the concept of 'curling' or 'rope,' although it may also (at the same time) be inspired by the harmful aspects of hhet as seen in hherev hhad hhets 'sword, sharp, arrow.' (Roots often double-dip, partaking of two submeanings of a key-letter at the same time, just as some roots straddle two meanings in their ambiguity, such as r-w-hh meaning both 'separation' (revahh) and 'spirit' (ruahh), or rabh meaning both 'much' and 'rabbi.'
The project, together with the financial strategy and business plan was approved by the Finance Ministry, after detailed and forensic review which culminated in the signing of the contract between Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) and HHETS.
But the US$33.3 million project has stalled, after the Chinese contractor, HHETS allegedly considered to replace the UK/Ghana team with architects from China to the detriment of the project, in the face of reduced design quality and increased construction risk, including unnecessary and expensive delays as the new design would have to be re-submitted for a new public tender procedure, under the Ghana Government's Procurement Act.