HHIAHold-Harmless Indemnity Agreement (liability protection)
HHIAHearing Handicap Inventory in Adults
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In addition to age, pure tone average (PTA) air conduction threshold also correlated significantly with several assessments: WIN test (both ears), Dichotic Digits Test in the right ear, and HHIA score for both groups; GIN detection test in the right ear, SSW test, and spatial release from masking test (for the 45[degrees] condition) for the control group; and RAVLT score for the PD group (p = 0.01).
Also, PD group's scores on the HHIA questionnaire were significantly higher than control group's scores.
Hearing complaints as indicated by scores on the HHIA [5-6] are shown in Table 3.
Based upon responses on the HHIA, these patterns of dysfunction are causing difficulties in many environments where social interaction is necessary, and these difficulties are having significant effects on the emotional health of these Veterans.