HHIAHold-Harmless Indemnity Agreement (liability protection)
HHIAHearing Handicap Inventory in Adults
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Based upon responses on the HHIA, these patterns of dysfunction are causing difficulties in many environments where social interaction is necessary, and these difficulties are having significant effects on the emotional health of these Veterans.
Even though all subjects had normal or near-normal audiometric pure-tone thresholds and no evidence of peripheral auditory dysfunction, 60 percent of the blast-exposed subjects reported hearing handicaps in the moderate to severe range on the HHIA, compared with only 7 percent of the control subjects scoring in the range of moderate handicap and none in the severe range.
Abbreviations: ANOVA = analysis of variance; DDT = Dichotic Digits Test; FPT = Frequency Patterns Test; GIN = Gaps-In-Noise; HHIA = Hearing Handicap Inventory for Adults; HL = hearing level; ICD-9-CM = International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification; IOM = Institute of Medicine; MLD = Masking Level Difference; mTBI = mild traumatic brain injury; [N.