HHICHeating and Hotwater Industry Council (Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England, UK)
HHICHawaii Health Information Corporation (Honolulu, HI)
HHICHanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
HHICHeating and Hotwater Information Council (England, UK)
HHICHebei Huayi Ironworks Company (Xinle City, China)
HHICHead Honcho In Charge
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He added that Nicosia already hosts the University of Cyprus, Limassol has another state institution, the University of Technology, and that Paphos, as the eminent tourist town, should be entitled to host the HHIC.
Following the revival and cleaning up of the town due to infrastructure work already underway, he said, the HHIC would finally put Paphos "in an orbit of progress and growth".
According to HHIC, the Hanjin Subic shipyard is capable of building two 20,000-TEU container ships at the same time.
In response to the clients' requests however, HHIC will reinforced the hull structure, such as fatigue design life, to build 26,000-TEU container ships.
HHIC is proud to build the second Dokdo ship again, after building and delivering Dokdo ship seven years ago.
According to statistics announced by Clarksons, the world's leading provider of integrated shipping services in the UK, HHICPhilippines' Subic Shipyard first entered the top 10 shipbuilders in the world in terms of orderbook," HHIC added.
The 9000 TEU container ships that have recently been contracted with HHIC, and which are being powered by Wartsila X92 engines, incorporate one of the most fuel efficient and environmentally advanced container ship designs available on the market today.