HHIEHearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly (audiology)
HHIEHyundai Heavy Industries Europe
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Those who responded yes and showed alterations in audiological exams were evaluated for hearing impairment using the HHIE questionnaire, which contains 25 "yes", "sometimes", or "no" questions.
For the analysis of the relationship between the perception of hearing impairment and audiological, clinical, and demographic variables, a score equal to or less than 16 in the HHIE was considered without perception, while that equal to or greater than 17 were considered with perception.
In addition to the EAR, HHIE, and CPHI surveys, we also measured the following:
The questionnaires included the SF-12, EAR (Inner and Outer), HHIE, CPHI, AdHeRe, SADL, and IOI-HA.
(4,5) However, the HHIE was not developed as a screening instrument but as a method to assess the effectiveness of amplification; the subset of 10 HHIE items was extracted later for use as a screening instrument.
Subjects in this study had a hearing test at E22 and completed the HHIE. Of the 927 people who were willing and able to take part in the E22 health examination, 723 volunteered to have a pure tone audiogram and all were asked to take the 25-item HHIE.
The HHIE, Inner EAR, Outer EAR, SADL, and Hours of Use questions were mailed 2 weeks after the follow-up appointment (third appointment of three) to all patients.
To measure change in hearing-related function (HHIE and Inner EAR), we compared differences between baseline and follow-up scores.
O questionario HHIE permite medidas reprodutiveis validas das desvantagens sociais e emocionais decorrentes da deficiencia auditiva e tem a vantagem de eliminar a interferencia do avaliador no processo de triagem, pois trata-se de um instrumento de auto-avaliacao.