HHISHanging Head In Shame
HHISHey Hey It's Saturday (Australia)
HHISHertfordshire Health Informatics Service (Welwyn Garden City, UK)
HHISHarrell Horne Integrated School (Cavite, Philippines)
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In the third set of sensitivity analyses, the effect of insurance market concentration is robust to calculating hospital HHIs with Medicare days, with private days, and with hospital admissions instead of inpatient days.
This shows that Overlap is related to, but distinct from, a fund's level of portfolio concentration (HHI).
While Figure 5 shows negligible trends in region-level HHIs, it may mask a concentration of revenue within communities from each region.
"Antitrust markets" are markets that are supposed to be defined in a way that best satisfies a functional criterion--viz., in the way that is associated with related market-aggregated parameters such as the market's four-firm or eight-firm seller-concentration ratio (the percentage of the market's sales made by its leading four or eight firms), the market's postmerger Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) figure (where the HHI equals the sum of the squares of the market shares of all firms placed in the market in question), and the merger-generated increase in the market's HHI figure--that can play a useful role in the "most-cost-effective" protocol for analyzing the antitrust-legality of conduct that could be devised.
In the report on the proposed Aetna-Humana deal, the AMA says Kentucky and Texas now have commercial health insurance market HHIs between 2,500 and 3,000.
The agencies measure market concentration using the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index ("HHI") of market concentration.
Just like a no-nonsense schoolmaster, Jesus sternly tells hHis disciples, "Listen very carefully to what I'm going to say..." Presumably, the disciples have not been paying attention to Jesus' pronouncement that He has to suffer and die in Jerusalem.
Captain Kevin Reilly hhis usual dominan defence, even bo important goa Wicklow.
Competitive balance (1) measures typically involve ex-post calculations based on factors such as the standard deviation of teams' winning percentage at the end of one or more seasons or measures of the overall distribution of wins or championships such as GINI coefficients or HHIs (use of the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index of market concentration).
Among them, market share inequality indexes of Rhoades (1995) reveal the inequality among firms even within markets with similar HHIs. Nevertheless, they are not exempt from some weaknesses.