HHJTed Hootin Holler Joinery (furniture; woodwork)
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Like HHJ Cooke, Lord Reed considered that there was merit in the view
More importantly, HHJ Birss identified two major differences (ordered in terms of importance): (i) the thickness of Samsung's tablets; and (ii) the level of detail on the back of Samsung's tablets (different colour and material combinations and, in relation to the 8.
We are bound to decide that HHJ Horton could not properly have reached the conclusion that he did and should not have issued the search warrants, which this court will quash, " said Mr Justice Kenneth Parker in the judgment.
At the hearing the independent Judicial Officer, HHJ Jeff Blackett (England), upheld the red card and determined that the act had been deliberate but that there had been no intention to injure Thomas.
HHJ Fysh Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH 12/2/2009 Ratiopharm (UK) Ltd v.
This week at Manchester Crown Court HHJ Hammond agreed that Wright must also pay the confiscation order for pounds 503,500 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
Bassil and Mouffareg (1990) 28 July, Acton Crown Court, HHJ Sich, reported in Legal Action 23, Dcc.
van den Ouweland JM, Lemkes HHJ, Ruitenbeek W, Snadkuijl LA, de Vijlder MF, Struyvenberg PA, et al.
Busard BLSM, Renier WO, Gabreels FJM, Jaspar HHJ, van Haelst UJG, Slooff JL.
Marcy (San Francisco State University) and his colleagues observed HHJ 3 and HHJ 14, two of the lowest-mass stars known in the Pleiades.
HHJ Humphrey Lloyd, QC, The International Construction Law Review
The verdict of HHJ Birss QC is that the "cost-capping system works".