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HHLHaverhill (Amtrak station code; Haverhill, MA)
HHLHandelshochschule Leipzig (Leipzig Graduate School of Management)
HHLHealthy Holistic Living
HHLHighway Hockey League
HHLHerefordshire Housing Ltd (UK)
HHLHobby Hockey League
HHLHead Hung Low (band)
HHLHavíøovská Hokejová Liga
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20] The ratio of enzyme activities obtained with substrates Z-FHL and HHL provides a measure of ACE inhibitor present in plasma and can be used to detect the presence of any ACE inhibitor [18]
Based upon their successful experience of managing foreign hotel franchises, HHL was awarded the franchise to own and operate the Marriott chain of hotels in Pakistan in 1992, under franchise agreement.
Velamuri is the Schumpeter Junior Professor for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer at the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany.
In addition to PS 109 in New York City, HHL designed the Artspace Buffalo Lofts in Buffalo, NY, and Artspace Patchogue Lofts in Patchogue, Long Island.
Oral history interview with Ruth Fesler Lipman, Stanford, California, September 26, 1967, HHL.
We are delighted to be able to partner with someone of Rael's calibre and look forward to working with HHL to provide Assetline's services in Perth," Nick Raphaely says.
Yet even after four years client the HHL is still waiting for payment of its due claims.
Preparacion de medios de cultivo: Se elaboraron medios de cultivo solidos y liquidos, empleando los hidrolizados al 2% y 5%, en sustitucion de la peptona de soya comercial segun las concentraciones siguientes: en el caso de los medios solidos, se utilizo hidrolizado enzimatico de caseina (15 g/L), HHL al 2% y 5% (50 mL/L) respectivamente, cloruro de sodio (5 g/L) y agar (15 g/L).
They are equivalent to the HHL in terms of emplacement style and structural position.
Gonzalez HHL, Resnik SL, Boca RT and WFO Marasas Mycoflora of Argentinian corn harvested in the main production area in 1990.
Garde d'Haiti, Extracts from the Newspapers, 4 March 1930, folder Garde News Digest, 1930 March 1-5, box 1070, President's Commission, HHL.
Then, 120 [micro]1 of HHL was added and incubated for 15min at 37[degrees]C.