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HHLHaverhill (Amtrak station code; Haverhill, MA)
HHLHandelshochschule Leipzig (Leipzig Graduate School of Management)
HHLHealthy Holistic Living
HHLHighway Hockey League
HHLHerefordshire Housing Ltd (UK)
HHLHobby Hockey League
HHLHead Hung Low (band)
HHLHavíøovská Hokejová Liga
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- HHL & VHL Package (Packaging) Competitor Revenue Share (in %) in the US: 2019 & 2025
For each assay, 100 [micro]L of HHL (12.5 mM in 0.05 M sodium borate buffer) was incubated at 37[degrees]C for 5 min.
Briefly, 10 ul of sample solution was mixed with 45 ul sodium borate buffer (pH 8.3) containing 6.5 mmol/L Hippuryl-His-Leu (HHL) and 0.3 mol/L NaCl, and the mixture was pre-incubated for 5 min at 37AdegC.
It was Palmer Birch's case that Michael had induced HHL to breach the contract, while Michael and Christopher had conspired to bring about the liquidation of the company.
where A = sample + HHL + enzyme, B = HHL + enzyme, and C = HHL + enzyme + inactivator.
ACE activity was measured by the hydrolysis of two synthetic substrates (Z-FHL and HHL) in a sensitive fluorimetric assay, as described previously.
Hashwani Hotels Limited (HHL) was incorporated as a private limited company in 1972 and was subsequently converted into a public limited company in 1974.
HHL List of Class I Medical Devices Exempt from 5l0(k) Requirements 884.5435 Pad, Interlabial NUR (*) Exemption limited to drapes that do not include an antimicrobial agent.
The amounts of free light chain (LC), free heavy chain (HC), HL, HH, and HHL of HS628 and originator tocilizumab were comparable, and the average percentage of mAb (monomer) was 95.3% for HS628 (n = 4) and 95.0% for originator tocilizumab (n = 4) (Figure 7(a)).