HHLLHeavy Heavy Low Low (band)
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The response to decreased food was concave in both sexes: two mean mass-times (HHLL and HLLL in [male] [male]; HHHL and HHLL in [female] [female]) fell [is greater than] 2 SE below the linear expectation and no mean fell above it.
Among males, high food in the first two instars (HHLL) resulted in greater yield than any other treatment followed by high food in the first instar (HLLL) which produced a greater yield than low food during the first two instars (LLHH).
Among females, the duration of the fourth instar was shorter if the first two instars had received high food (HHLL) than if the first instar had received low (LLLL) or high (HLLL) food.
Specifically, an equal number of SF participants completed the PowerPoint slide packet in one of six orders of high(H) and low(L) relevant slides (HHLL, HLHL, HLLH, LLHH, LHLH, LHHL).