HHMHumoral Hypercalcemia of Malignancy
HHMHierarchical Holographic Modeling
HHMHeart Health Monitor
HHMHand Held Module
HHMHuman Head Modeling
HHMHDL Hierarchy Manager (Prime Technology)
HHMHolsinger Harps and Music (Menlo Park, CA)
HHMHero Honda Motors (India)
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HHM is working with outside designers and with the Sheraton brand team, part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, to further enhance the hotel's programming through a full upgrade of the guest rooms and all public facilities.
The successful completion of this study using the HHM System in a human clinical trial setting is a significant step forward in the development of an advanced first-generation artificial pancreas system," Dr.
One of the direct effects of increased bone resorption during HHM is an increase in [Ca.
The HHM method starts with an extreme outcome and provides a methodology for exploring what factor or combination of factors would produce that outcome.
PTHrP (Parathyroid hormone-related protein), also known as PTHLH and HHM, regulates endochondral bone development and epithelial-mesenchymal interactions.
For life insurers Chen and Wong use the HHM model (see Hollman, Hayes, and Murrey, 1993).
Previous theoretical studies of the HHM at half filling (one conduction electron per molecule in the crystal) predict that only insulating phases are possible.
In Saturday's opening Formula One race he rides the same HHM Plant Honda he campaigned in the recent North West 200 in Northern Ireland.
Use of HHM has not significantly declined even though products such as SAFETY Stripper[TM] and batteries without heavy metals have entered the market.
They were represented by Marisa Manley and Robert Saar of Commercial Tenant Real Estate Representation; HHM Enterprises, Ltd.